‘What I enjoyed the most was the interactive discussions with people from industry’

Deborah D R Chikukwa

EngD Trainee, TU Delft I recently completed the Advanced Course in Downstream Processing and it was exceptional. Read more
‘I highly recommend this course to biotechnology or pharmaceutical professionals looking to advance their technical skills’

Aiswarya Dharan

Quality Engineer, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine I enrolled in the Advanced Downstream Processing course to deepen my understanding of bioprocessing and purification techniques for biologics. Read more
‘This course was very focused and well organized, included both theoretical learning and examples of practical implementation’

Diana Ikasalaité

Research scientist, Biomatter At Biomatter we create unique enzymes for novel technologies aimed at addressing the most pressing sustainability and health issues. Read more
‘The course struck a perfect balance between theory and hands-on exercises, including programming in protein visualization software. ’

Rob Schmitz

Postdoc, Delft University of Technology I recently started a postdoctoral research project in Delft, focusing on enzymatic reactions that could replace unsustainable industrial chemical reactions. Read more
‘The best part was the interaction with industry leaders and the active engagement during each session’

Ilaria Poledri

Co-founder, CSO, ExCulture B.V. I enrolled in this course to get a better understanding on how to best apply fermentation technology for pharmaceutical production. Read more
‘I highly recommend this course to anyone working or interested in microbial biotechnology’

Martijn den Hoed

PhD student, Wageningen University & Research I enrolled for this course to get a deeper fundamental understanding of fermentation technology for my PhD project. Read more
‘The course covered all scales from micro to industrial’

Michael Sebakka

Chemical engineering technologist, MicroHarvest GmbH I was interested in enrolling for this course to gain information and tools necessary for modelling to gain insight into my work and accelerate my workflow. Read more
‘I expected a deep and objective course, and it met my expectations’

Henrique Pereira

PhD fellow, Technological University of the Shannon Midlands, Ireland My current career goals demanded a deeper understanding of the state-of-the-art bioprocesses, and I found in the MCMB a potential pathway to achieve this. Read more
‘I highly recommend this course to industry professionals working in fermentation process’

Elizabeth Geddes

Lead Process Engineer, TransitionHERO I work for TransitionHERO, as a specialist in innovation and scaling-up green technologies. I was motivated to take this course after seeing a shift in industry more and more towards using fermentation as a way of valorising waste streams to make new chemicals or food sources. Read more
‘I was happy to have the opportunity to join this course ’

Frederik Michale

EngD, TU Delft I joined the AC Bioprocess Design because I wanted to learn how to solve problems and design solutions in USP simply and pragmatically. Read more
‘The course helped me to understand many interrelations in a new way ’

Larissa Graß

PhD student in environmental engineering, RWTH Aachen University With my background in environmental engineering, I was very happy to get a new biotechnological perspective on some processes I already work with. The course helped me to understand many interrelations in a new way and gave me new impulses and ideas that I can integrate into my further work. Read more
‘It was a wonderful experience attending the course. ’

Fengyi Zhu

PhD student from Department of Industrial Biotechnology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology It deepened my understanding of environmental biotechnology and ignited inspiration for my project. As a PhD student in environmental biotechnology, I enrolled in this course to gain a better knowledge of environmental biotechnology principles and applications. Read more
‘The course exceeded my expectations’

Juan Vásquez

PhD in biotechnology / Fermentation coordinator at Bialtec I enrolled in the Advanced Course on Environmental Biotechnology with the goal of broadening and updating my knowledge in the fields of waste treatment and the study of mixed microbial communities. The course exceeded my expectations, as it not only provided a solid theoretical foundation but also facilitated valuable interactions with the lecturers, who generously shared their extensive experience and knowledge on the subject matter. Read more
‘I learnt about processes that I have never used before’

Wimar Reynaga Navarro

PhD, Wageningen University & Research I have recently started as a PhD candidate at Wageningen University & Research. My project involves Liquid-Liquid extraction processes which are intended to be applied over seaweed biomass. Read more
‘I’m glad that I got the chance to participate, learn from the best’

Maria Loos

Senior Associate Scientist at MSAT, Janssen Biologics B.V. My work as Life Cycle Management SME often relates to DSP processes and I wanted to get deeper understanding of that, both on how the development works as well as real-life implications. Read more
‘One of the highlights of the course was the remarkable atmosphere’

Ivo Tjalma

EngD, TU Delft As someone with limited practical experience in strain engineering, this course provided an invaluable opportunity for me to catch up on the emerging possibilities offered by multi-omics approaches. The course was very well organized and surpassed my expectations in numerous ways. The content was completely up-to-date, and the instructors' depth of knowledge was impressive. Read more
‘Insight into the opportunities and possibilities of modelling used in CFD’

Susanne Gitlesen

Special advisor, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS I attended the course to get up to date with current status in modelling of fermentation based processes. My aim was to get a good enough understanding of the different software and model methods to be able to communicate and be a link between biochemists and engineers. I got a good start with this course. Read more
‘You learn to build the models and do the simulation during the course’

Joost Beekman

Senior Scientist Integrated Processing, DSM Food Specialties I have been out of science details for the last 8 years. The Advanced Course Multiscale Computational Methods in Bioprocesses brought me up to speed quickly with many aspects of the rapidly developing fields of modelling and computation. The course shows how different aspects in a biotechnology process can be described adequately Read more
‘A perfect blend of interaction and knowledge sharing between organizers and participants’

Soumendu Dasgupta

Denmark Technical University, Postdoc at Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Biosustainability I am from a Chemical Engineering background with experience in CFD modeling during my PhD and started as a Postdoc at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Biosustainability for scale down studies of bioreactors. The extensive course was a perfect balance of modeling and experimental techniques Read more
‘A good balance between theoretical lectures and software practice’

Elco Backus

Janssen vaccines and prevention, Senior associate scientist Process development Having attended the Bioprocess design course in 2017, I have had good experiences with the advanced courses provided by BioTech Delft / TU Delft. My expectation was that I would gain more knowledge on computational modelling applications surrounding bacterial fermentation like computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and how this is applied. Read more
‘A fantastic way to explore the modelling approaches’

Christoff Odendaal

PhD student, University Medical Centre Groningen I am a molecular systems biologist focusing on biomedical applications but I was interested in learning more about the use of computational techniques in industry and biotechnology. This course was a fantastic way to explore the modelling approaches used for wide array of biotechnology applications as well as the underlying theory. Read more
‘Update my theoretical knowledge in the biocatalysis field’

Lisanne Jente

Associate Scientist Biocatalysis, InnoSyn B.V. As a scientist in a biocatalysis R&D department, I was interested in getting to know more about protein engineering techniques and also update my theoretical knowledge in the biocatalysis field. This course was very valuable to me, as it combined theoretical lectures with practical examples of biocatalysis routes applied on (very) large scale. Read more
‘An interdisciplinary approach and learning from real industry cases is crucial’

Beata Lehka

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) The Advanced Course on Microbial Physiology and Fermentation Technology taught me that an interdisciplinary approach and learning from real industry cases is crucial when developing a successful fermentation process. Learnings from the course will enable me to collaborate better Read more
‘I took this course to improve my understanding of fermentation technology’

Christoffer Rode

PhD student, DTU Biosustain As a PhD student interested in cell factory engineering, I took this course to improve my understanding of fermentation technology. This course is packed with valuable information and is taught by highly experienced lecturers from both academia and industry. An average understanding of fermentation technology helps a lot Read more
‘A collaborative environment which fostered discussion and exposure to multiple schools of thought’

Samuel Jayakanthan

Principal Scientist, Protein chemistry and engineering, Vandstrom, Inc As a protein biochemist using batch fermentation to express integral membrane proteins, I have long been interested in the course offered by TU delft in Microbial physiology and fermentation technology. TU Delft being a nerve-centre for such process development initiatives, has a series of courses offered around the year. Read more
‘I gained state of the art insights that are going to help me a lot’

Tim Krempel

Modelling Analyst at EV-Biotech In my career so far I have mostly worked with genome-scale metabolic model to improve industrial microorganisms. I decided to follow the advanced multi-omics course to get a broader overview also about the different -omic techniques and how to integrate them into my work. The course exceeded my expectations Read more
‘This was one of the best courses I have taken during my PhD education’

Greta Gecse

Industrial PhD student at DSM and DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Working with fermentation and bacterial cell physiology, my interest naturally shifted towards the ‘omics technologies which are essential state-of-the-art tools for intelligent microbial host design. I participated on this course to deepen my knowledge on the ‘omics approaches Read more
‘Gain a comprehensive understanding of advanced technologies’

Mariam Taziani Funder

PhD student, Novo Nordisk foundation Center for Biosustainability The advanced course on Integrated Multi-Omics was a progressive program and was perfectly designed to explore the potential of genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics in enhancing the performance of industrial microbes with participation of diverse companies for better understanding of the field. Read more
‘It revealed many answers and will keep revealing more during my work’

Tessa Geskus

Process Engineer at Paques Europe B.V. As process engineer I design several waste water treatment plants according to our standards and knowledge. I wanted to follow this course to get more in depth knowledge of the fundamental chemistry, thermodynamics and other factors that are important in waste water treatment. Read more
‘It helped me to get the “big picture” thanks to the lecturers ’

Vicente Tomás Monje López

PhD student in the Process and Systems Engineering Centre at Denmark Technical University My background is industrial biotechnology, focused more in food, pharma and biotech bioprocess than wastewater treatment technologies. The course goes from stoichiometry and (bio)reaction thermodynamics, to the different types of treatment processes and bioreactor design. Read more
‘Strengthening my current knowledge on Environmental Biotechnology’

Woo Hyoung Lee

Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering, University of Central Florida I have known the Advanced Course on the Environmental Biotechnology at TU Delft since 2007 when I studied at the University of Cincinnati. Taking the course has been in my to-do lists as one of my research interests is related to biofilm studies using microelectrodes. Read more
‘An energetic environment to get to know fellow candidates and speakers’

Sivaramakrishnan Chandrasekaran

Ph.D. Candidate in Sustainable process design, Delft University of Technology For a person with background in Chemical Engineering and passion for biotechnology, this course was very insightful with diverse topics and an interesting case study to understand about bioprocess design. The one week intensive course was filled with speakers from industries and academia Read more
‘The lectures gave a good summary of the state of the art in bioprocess design’

Marcel Girard

Junior Fermentation Engineer at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability Former as well as current colleagues and supervisors recommended this course to me, which is why I had quite high expectations of it. These expectations were met completely. As an MSc. In Biotechnology, the course was very valuable, giving insights more into Chemical Engineering and the production of mostly small molecules. Read more
‘The teachers held a high standard of expertise in their respective fields’

Peter Ehlert Jensen

Junior Fermentation Engineer at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability As a chemical engineering graduate working in the field on fermentation science with emphasis on scale up/down methodology this course was enlightening. The intense course schedule coupled with challenging and interesting case studies made the whole experience engaging and fun. Read more
‘Very well presented by expert lecturers from academia and industry’

Helin Alagoz

EV Biotech, Fermentation Scientist I am a bioengineer by training but passionate about fermentation and bioprocess design. I took the Advance Bioprocess Design course to deepen my knowledge in the field and learn more about scaling up methodology and applying it in real life. The course had very insightful topics where we learned the principles behind process design Read more
‘Gaining advanced knowledge of technical aspects of bioprocess design.’

Omnia AbdelKarim

PhD Wageningen University, the Netherlands & Assistant lecturer Tanta University, Egypt The advanced bioprocess design course is very perceptive with many different topics and offers a great opportunity to amplify the ability to combine theoretical calculations with the real applications of biological processes in the industry. It was a strong one-week course filled with speakers from different areas Read more
‘The knowledge I took home directly helped me to improve our process’

Max Völker

Mushlabs GmbH, Germany As an inorganic chemist working in a biotech startup, I needed a way to get access to experience in industrial process design. Learning from literature is great but a bit one-directional. Talking to experts with decades of combined experience and being able to ask silly questions and having them answered is priceless. Read more
‘I would highly suggest this course to broaden your knowledge in DSP’

Katya Harkovski

R&D Project manager at Collplant I applied to broaden my knowledge in DSP, specifically in chromatography, my current area of research. The course was focused on advanced industry experience combined with theoretical practices, which altogether gave a complete process overview of the smallest details of the DSP process. Read more
‘I always lacked a bit of knowledge about fermentation’

Arthur Schuller

R&D Scientist Bioprocess Development at DSM During my doctorate, I was able to gain a lot of skills in the area of upstream development, but I always lacked a bit of knowledge about what comes after fermentation. Therefore, I can highly recommend the downstream course, as you can refresh your theoretical knowledge or learn new things within a quite intensive week. Read more
‘A great learning experience to refresh my DSP knowledge’

Robin Mack

R&D Research Engineer at BASF This course was a great learning experience. I signed up to refresh my DSP knowledge and gain insight on current developments in this field. I really appreciate the mix of theory-focused lectures, presentations from industry, and exercises in which you can apply your knowledge. Read more
‘I wanted to expand my knowledge about enzymes and protein engineering’

Amalie Vang Høst

PhD Candidate, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) I attended the course because I wanted to expand my knowledge about enzymes and protein engineering. My background is in chemical and biochemical engineering. Thus the course was especially challenging for me, as I have never worked with protein engineering before. Read more
‘Insight in how to scale up from an idea to create an industrial process’

Valeria Della Gala

PhD student, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) As my PhD research is focused on biocatalysis and enzyme engineering, I decided to attend this course to strengthen my knowledge and learn about established and novel techniques to perform enzymatic reactions and engineering proteins. Despite its challenging nature, the course was well-organized, Read more