Advanced Course

Bioprocess Design

Course introduction

With recent advances in molecular biology and a growing biomass availability for use as industrial feedstock, the biobased economy is getting a wider range of inputs. Scaling up the bio(techno)logy innovations and implementation in large-scale factories or biorefineries clearly is a present bottleneck: industries are struggling to get the bio-opportunities to the market, as experienced industrial bioprocess designers and operational experts are not readily available to meet the growing needs.

Teachers from universities and companies have joint forces and will present a program that centres around industrial fermentation processes, and is flanked by overviews on upstream and downstream processing. The focus of the course is on design of innovative microbial fermentations, for bio-products such as amino acids and monomers for bio-plastics, complemented with examples of marine and mammalian processes, for micro-algae products and bio-pharmaceuticals. A substantial part (ca. 40% of the time) will be dedicated to a case study, executed in teams of 4-6 participants, on the design of a bioprocess for the production of a chemical (1,4-butanediol). Basic theory on thermodynamic, microbial stoichiometry and kinetics, transport phenomena and scale up/down will be extensively applied and integrated. The team with the best design performance wins the Genomatica Bioprocess Design prize. Several guest lecturers from leading universities and industries in the bioprocess field, provide latest insights in technology innovations, non-conventional feedstocks and new bioproduct categories, complemented with views from the industrial practice.
The Advanced Course Bioprocess Design is cooperatively organised by
Biotech Delft and VLAG Graduate School.

16 - 20 September 2024
Biotech Campus Delft (DSM)
Alexander Fleminglaan 1
2613 AX Delft, the Netherlands

Advanced Course Bioprocess Design


  • Rates, thermodynamics and metabolism of micro organisms
  • Transport processes in bioreactors
  • Fermentation processes and their scale up features
  • Examples of successful bioprocesses, downstream processing, novel feedstocks and economic aspects of bioprocessing.

Study load

The course (including preparatory materials) is valued 48 hours of work.

Advanced Course Bioprocess Design

Who should attend?

The course is primarily aimed at academic and industrial specialists (MSc, PhD or equivalent experience)  that seek for refreshing and broadening their knowhow and practical insight in Bioprocess Design, to assist in progress towards the bio-based economy. A background in e.g. biochemical engineering, microbiology or biochemistry and a basic working knowledge of the other disciplines is required.

Advanced Course Bioprocess Design


*To be eligible for the reduced early bird fee you need to register before 8 July 2024. If this date is exceeded, the regular fee applies.

**A limited number of fellowships is available for PhD students and SME’s (small/medium enterprise). Fellowships will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. To apply as to one of these fellowships, please include a copy either of your registration as a PhD student from your university or a proof of the SME-status of the company you work at.

The fee includes course materials, lunches and the buffets and the course dinners as indicated on the program. The fee does not cover other meals or lodging.

The course fee

Early bird*

€ 3.000,-

Regular fee

€ 3.250,-

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME/Startups/scaleups)**

€ 2.250,-

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME/Startups/scaleups) of Biotech Campus Delft**

€ 1.750,-

PhD Students**

€ 1.750,-

Advanced Course Bioprocess Design

Course board members Henk Noorman

Board member (Emeritus) Sef Heijnen

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Prof. Ruud Weusthuis

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Advanced Course Bioprocess Design


Advanced Course Bioprocess Design


After registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us and another email with an invoice. We look forward to welcoming you in our course in Delft!


A limited number of fellowships is available for PhD students (reduced fee). Deadline for registration is 26 August 2024.

Advanced Course Bioprocess Design


Advanced Course Bioprocess Design


‘The knowledge I took home directly helped me to improve our process’

Max Völker

Mushlabs GmbH, Germany As an inorganic chemist working in a biotech startup, I needed a way to get access to experience in industrial process design. Learning from literature is great but a bit one-directional. Talking to experts with decades of combined experience and being able to ask silly questions and having them answered is priceless. Read more
‘Gaining advanced knowledge of technical aspects of bioprocess design.’

Omnia AbdelKarim

PhD Wageningen University, the Netherlands & Assistant lecturer Tanta University, Egypt The advanced bioprocess design course is very perceptive with many different topics and offers a great opportunity to amplify the ability to combine theoretical calculations with the real applications of biological processes in the industry. It was a strong one-week course filled with speakers from different areas Read more
‘Very well presented by expert lecturers from academia and industry’

Helin Alagoz

EV Biotech, Fermentation Scientist I am a bioengineer by training but passionate about fermentation and bioprocess design. I took the Advance Bioprocess Design course to deepen my knowledge in the field and learn more about scaling up methodology and applying it in real life. The course had very insightful topics where we learned the principles behind process design Read more
‘The teachers held a high standard of expertise in their respective fields’

Peter Ehlert Jensen

Junior Fermentation Engineer at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability As a chemical engineering graduate working in the field on fermentation science with emphasis on scale up/down methodology this course was enlightening. The intense course schedule coupled with challenging and interesting case studies made the whole experience engaging and fun. Read more
‘The lectures gave a good summary of the state of the art in bioprocess design’

Marcel Girard

Junior Fermentation Engineer at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability Former as well as current colleagues and supervisors recommended this course to me, which is why I had quite high expectations of it. These expectations were met completely. As an MSc. In Biotechnology, the course was very valuable, giving insights more into Chemical Engineering and the production of mostly small molecules. Read more
‘An energetic environment to get to know fellow candidates and speakers’

Sivaramakrishnan Chandrasekaran

Ph.D. Candidate in Sustainable process design, Delft University of Technology For a person with background in Chemical Engineering and passion for biotechnology, this course was very insightful with diverse topics and an interesting case study to understand about bioprocess design. The one week intensive course was filled with speakers from industries and academia Read more
‘I was happy to have the opportunity to join this course ’

Frederik Michale

EngD, TU Delft I joined the AC Bioprocess Design because I wanted to learn how to solve problems and design solutions in USP simply and pragmatically. Read more
‘I highly recommend this course to industry professionals working in fermentation process’

Elizabeth Geddes

Lead Process Engineer, TransitionHERO I work for TransitionHERO, as a specialist in innovation and scaling-up green technologies. I was motivated to take this course after seeing a shift in industry more and more towards using fermentation as a way of valorising waste streams to make new chemicals or food sources. Read more