Modelling and Computation for Micro-organisms in Bioprocesses

The key to modelling and computational methods in bioprocesses

Last week we hosted the Advanced Course on Modelling and Computation for Micro-organisms in Bioprocesses (28 November – 2 December 2022) at at the DSM site in Delft. During this course 21 international participants from both industry and universities participated, the course was organized hybrid with 17 on-site and 4 online participants.

The course board leaders are Prof. Henk Noorman (DSM/TU Delft), Dr. Cees Haringa (TU Delft), Dr. Adrie Straathof (TU Delft) and Prof. Cristian Picioreanu (King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia).

Invited are honored guest speakers, Prof. Matthias Reuss, Ralf Takors from the University of Stuttgart Prof.Em. Sef Heijnen, Dr. Peter Verheijen  from TU Delft, Frank Delvigne, Université de Liège, Matthias Heinemann, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Dr. Emrah Nikerel, Yeditepe University Istanbul and Wenjun Tang, DSM Delft.

Besides the presentations together with course assistants Rik Volger,  Héctor Maldonado de León and Lars Puiman the course board demonstrated how to work with Ansys Fluent, SuperPro Designer and COMSOL.

“I very much enjoyed it. I learned a lot and now know where I need to deepen my knowledge.”

In our courses, BioTech Delft invites a wide variety of influential, international lecturers from universities and industries who present their vision on biotechnology and share their expertise. The Advanced Courses are short, in-depth courses, which are full-time and delivered in a timespan of either one or two weeks.