Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering

The best 5 days to skyrocket your expertness in Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering

From 17 – 21 April, the Advanced Course on Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering was organized by BioTech Delft (Yvonne van Gameren, Jenifer Baptiste). Organic chemists, enzymologists, microbiologists and (bio)chemical engineers from universities, together with invited international experts from industry presented their lectures (Burghard Konig, Rene de Jong, John Woodley, Gerard Muijzer, Sandy Schmidt, Roger Sheldon, Marco Fraaije, Oliver Thum, Martin Schurmann, Alessandra Basso, Mirjam Kabel, Bernard Hauer, Andreas Taglieber).

The program during this week is supported by a course board from the TU Delft, department Biotechnology, Ulf Hanefeld, Caroline Paul, Adrie Straathof, Frank Hollmann. For a better understanding of the lectures and to stimulate active participation by those attending, this intensive one-week course combined lectures with a practical demonstration of PyMOL by Peter-Leon Hagedoorn. This advanced course aims to familiarize participants with the integrated, interdisciplinary approach required to utilize the catalytic potential of enzymes and whole cells for the production of useful compounds.

The participants (25 on-site and 5 online) in the course are from all over the world and work in the industry or at a university. “It was nice to have small exercises to solve” “The lectures were very logical and streamlined and easy to follow” “I really enjoyed the calculation exercises during the lecture”

Next edition of this course will be held from 8 – 12 April 2024 in Delft, the Netherlands.