Modelling and Computation for Micro-organisms in Bioprocesses

How is it possible to have 28 participants in a course during Covid? Organize it Hybrid!

Last week we organized the Advanced Course Modelling and Computation for
Micro-organisms in Bioprocesses (29 Nov – 3 Dec 2021). Hybrid means participants are joining the course online and on-site. In our case we had 12 online and 16 onsite participants.

“This was the only way I could follow it. It was really nice working together with the onsite participants and teachers. Networking was harder, but not impossible.”

Onsite participants were also enthusiastic.

“The MCMB course was great, it exceeded my expectations! It helped me broaden my mind regarding current research and techniques for bioprocess modeling, both at micro and large scale. I really appreciate the opportunity of receiving lectures from renown researches and experts of the field. I am very much looking forward to put in practice what I learnt during this week.”

Daniela Chi (PDEng BPE/TU Delft)

With this hybrid approach, we can be very flexible. Letting participants change their participating form as the newest rules for the pandemic ask of us.