Growing Great Minds: all you wanted to know about multi-omics approaches

From 22 – 26 May, the Advanced Course on Advanced Course Integrated Multi-Omics Approaches for Improvement of Industrial Microbes was organized by BioTech Delft. This intensive, activating, one-week course aims at providing fundamental and applied knowledge in the field.

This course offers a coherent overview of current state of the art omics technologies, bridging the different cellular levels, i.e. metabolomics, fluxomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. It will be shown how integrated application of these technologies provides holistic, quantitative insights in cellular physiology.

The program during this week is supported by a course board from the TU Delft, department Biotechnology, Jean-Marc Daran, Martin Pabst, Walter van Gulik and Aljoscha Wahl from Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen, Germany.

This was the second edition of this course and the lectures where provided by speakers from universities and industry; Alexander Wittenberg, Eduard Kerkhoven, Jeroen Demmers, Bas Teusink, Douwe Molenaar, Frank Bruggeman, Koen Verhagen, Barbara Kozak, Richard Zuiderent, Hector Garcia Martin, Marieke von Lindern and Joanna Kirkpatrick.

For a better understanding of the lectures and to stimulate active participation by those attending, this course combined lectures with a practical demonstration on Genome Sequencing Technology by Marcel van den Broek and Djordje Bajic.

The 24 participants in the course are from all over the world and work in an industrial company or at an university.

“The course was very well organized! The topics were all very interesting and the speakers were very enthusiastic.”