Bioprocess Design

Advanced Course on Bioprocess Design with mix of on-site and online

Due to the pandemic we are looking at a new way of teaching our Advanced Courses. 14-18 September, 22 participant participated in our course, 14 on-site and 8 online.

The online participants followed all the lectures via ZOOM and worked online together with the on-site participants in the case study.
This course is a collaboration between the TU Delft and Wageningen University. The course board (Henk Noorman, Ruud Weusthuis and Sef Heijnen) presented a program that centers around industrial fermentation processes, and is flanked by overviews on upstream and downstream processing. The focus of the course is on design of innovative microbial fermentations, for bio-products such as amino acids and monomers for bio-plastics, complemented with examples of marine and mammalian processes, for micro-algae products and bio-pharmaceuticals. Amit Deshmukh (DSM), leader of the case study, coupled the concepts learned into practice smoothly. The case study ended in a ‘best design’. In the picture the winning team of the case study, and coupled to that: the Genomatica Bioprocess Design Prize.